Iodine Plus


Not just Potassium Iodide like many other supplements. The Iodine Plus formulation contains the forms of Iodine that are found in natural seawater. Your inverts will love it!

  • Includes Iodine and other substances in the forms and ratios contained in natural seawater.
  • Contains a bonus of Calcium, which your corals will love!
  • Also includes small amounts of Boron, Molybdenum and Vanadium, for the more sophisticated filter feeders such as tunicates, sponges, etc.

It’s not just Iodine. It’s Iodine Plus. An absolute must for every serious marine enthusiast.

Iodine Plus may be added manually or with a precision NatuReef dosing system described under Dosers.

NatuReef Iodine Plus is available in 16 fl oz. and 32 fl oz. bottles.


Iodine exists in the the reduced and oxidized state. The interaction between these states, depending on pH and REDOX, maintains a minute concentration of free Iodine. This form is most easily utilized, but is also a strong oxidizer, and can only be present in small quantities. The use of Iodine Plus allows this to take place in a captive marine ecosystems, like your home aquarium.

Directions: Add directly to aquarium. One drop per gallon or 6.5 ml per 100 gallons twice per week. Do not dilute or mix with other supplements.

Caution: Keep away from children and pets. For marine aquarium use only.