SF-2 Solution Doser


Dispense any two solutions

The NatuReef Solution Doser solution model SF-2 may be used to dispense two solutions simultaneously and precisely. The unit operates from a 115 VAC source and can be connected to a pH controller. The unit has a pilot lamp and on-off switch.

To use the SF-2 to dispense the NatuReef Alkalinity Plus and Hardness Plus Solutions, it may be operated manually or from a pH controller that has a 115 VAC output. When the pH falls below the desired threshold, the feeder will dispense an equal amount of alkalinity and hardness to the tank. During manual operation the unit will dispense 216 ml of solution per bottle over a 24 period. The unit may be periodically shut down or only operated during night time hours to conserve solution. If the unit is operated on a pH controller it will dispense until the desired pH is reached.