Precision Dosers


When trace element or other solutions are added manually there is always either a short term abundance ( even overdose) and then a deficiency. Quite often the routine addition of these essential supplements are completely forgotten. When the NatuReef dosing systems are used the addition of these supplements is completely automatic and not subject to the hit and miss manual method. This greatly improves the well being of all the tank inhabitants. Trace Elements, both metals and non-metals, are essential for the metabolic processes of algae, invertebrates and vertebrates. Organisms that derive nearly all their energy via photosynthesis are especially dependent upon dissolved trace substances.

The manual addition of trace materials is usually a sporadic hit or miss method. It provides a short term overabundance and then none for a period of days or even weeks. The automatic addition of trace elements via the NatuReef Dosers eliminates the peaks and valleys associated with manual additions. A steady input of the required substances is possible. Also, for the experimenter, the feeders allow different traces to be fed at different rates. Up to three separate solutions may be individually administered at any desired rate.

NatuReef Dosers are available as two different models. Each model may be acquired as a stand-alone unit or as an add-on to the CD series denitrification reactors. The stand alone units have dedicated digital timers to allow complete freedom of dispensing rates and frequency. The add-ons to the denitrification systems can dispense at their own rate, but must do so at the frequency of the denitrification cycles.

All models may be acquired as add-ons to the CD series NatuReef Denitrifiers. The suffix “A” added to the model number indicates that it requires the digital timer from a CD series denitrifier. The add-on Doser are provided with a six foot interconnect cable between feeder and the controller of the denitrifier.