Used in conjunction with Nitragone in a NatuReef reactor, NatuReef’s Phosphagone will also eliminate phosphates from your aquarium. Phosphates can be responsible for the growth of unwanted hair algae with can grow quickly and choke the life out of your reef. Phosphates also interfere with calcification in the growth of stony corals. In short, you don’t want them in your tank! Phosphagone is a complex utilizes Strontium to bind the inorganic phosphates. The excess Strontium is available as a minor element for calcification and the ligand is used as a keep alive for denitrifiing bacteria in the reactor. Phosphagone is used with the Phosphate removal option available with the NatuReef┬« CDECX and CDX Denitrifier models. Phosphagone is available in three sizes.

Note: Phosphagone is intendend for use in NatuReef biological reactors only.