Total Hardness and Magnesium Mini Lab


Magnesium is the third most abundant ion in seawater, behind sodium and chloride. It is important in the biological processes of nearly every living organism in the ocean. It also helps to prevent the excessive precipitation of calcium carbonate from salt water. However, most marine aquarium keepers disregard the magnesium levels until a problem has already arisen.

This mini lab contains all the necessary equipment to determine the total hardness and Magnesium level in your marine aquarium. This mini lab contains a table that allows the determination of the Magnesium concentration from the total hardness measured at the nominal seawater Calcium level and also the Magnesium concentration at different Calcium concentrations.

Magnesium concentration is an often overlooked and very important element for a successful marine aquarium. Find out where your system stands and correct your Magnesium concentration before its too late.