Reef Former Powder


If you want to mix Kalkwasser (or “limewater“) to replenish your marine aquarium’s evaporated water, this is the powder to do it. You have your choice of ultra-pure Reagent Grade Reef Former Powder, or the nearly-pure Technical Grade Reef Former Powder. Use the ultra-pure Reagent Grade if you want to limit any other chemicals from going into your aquarium aquarium, or for a more economical solution, use the Technical Grade Reef Former Powder (which may contain trace amounts of Magnesium). It is your choice.

  • Encourages growth of pink and purple coralline algae.
  • Helps limit Phosphate build-up.
  • Keeps pH levels elevated.
  • One of the most beneficial additions to almost any marine aquarium environment.

NatuReef Reef Former Powder is available in 150 and 300 gram jars in both Reagent (ultra-pure) and Technical (nearly-pure) Grades.


Water evaporation is a serious problem for all marine aquariums. Exposure to air, along with the circulation of water throughout the filtration system (overflow pipes, protein skimmers, etc.), causes significant evaporation of water to occur. Replacement of the evaporated water is essential and required regularly. Because the salt stays in the aquarium as the water evaporates out, a higher salinity occurs, which can be damaging to the ecosystem.

Adding “make-up” water provides a great opportunity to replenish essential minerals, like calcium, to a marine aquarium. Calcium is essential to the health of virtually every creature in a marine environment, including corals. Kalkwasser, which contains calcium hydroxide and is also known as “limewater”, is one of the most effective and natural ways to replenish depleted calcium. By mixing Reef Former Powder with purified water, you can create the benefits of calcium replenishment from calcium hydroxide, while compensating for water evaporation. Also, the regular addition of the calcium hydroxide will keep the pH elevated to desired levels.

Remember, it is crucial to use purified (distilled or deionized) water for water replenishment. Never use ordinary tap water. Cutting corners by not using purified water can create havoc in a marine aquarium by introducing impurities to a pristine environment that has taken so much time and energy to create.

Directions: Add one teaspoon of powder per one gallon of distilled or deionized water. Cap water bottle tightly and shake until all of the powder has be suspended in the solution. Repeat process when the next gallon is needed. Use as required.

Caution: Keep away from children and pets. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Harmful if swallowed. Avoid breathing dust.