Hardness Plus & Alkalinity Plus


Super-concentrated 2-Part Calcium Additive

The NatuReef® Alkalinity Plus and Hardness Plus provide 9,500 mequ. of alkalinity and almost 200,000 mg of calcium hardness per gallon. Along with these major anions and cations are also chlorides, sodium, sulfates, borates, lithium, magnesium, bromides, fluorides, bicarbonates, strontium, potassium and barium. All the elements are in proportion so they will not alter the chemical ratios in seawater. Only a slight increase in salinity may be experienced if there is little skimmer effluent waste.

Note: Make sure that both alkalinity and hardness are dispensing simultaneously. If for some reason only one solution is dispensing the other must be added manually to maintain the proper chemical ratios. The hardness solution may be added quickly, but the alkalinity must be added very slowly to prevent spontaneous precipitation and excessively high pH. These solutions differ from other two part calcium boosters on the market because they are scientifically formulated to provide the ultimate balance of ions in your aquarium. NatuReef® Hardness and Alkalinity Solutions are also very concentrated solutions. A little goes a long way. These solutions are so concentrated that they can produce 2.5 lbs of coral growth per gallon!

We strongly recommend adding these solution to your aquarium slowly and in a controlled manner. The best method is to automatically dispense the solution using a solution feeder. The SF-2 Solution Feeder is the ideal way to add these solution. Click here to learn more about the SF-2 solution Feeder.